Jueves, 27 de Febrero de 2020
Institutional / Letter from the President
Letter from the President
At the moment of starting a new cycle of the Foundation Saber How (FSC), non-profit entity created by INTI almost twelve years ago, I want to highlight several issues that will mark the imprint of this stage, following the general orientation that indicates us The Directing Council of INTI.
For decades I have been accompanied by the personal certainty that INTI is the most suitable professional tool to do what needs to be done: to develop ourselves, which is not only to grow economically but also to add value to all our industries, services and enterprises. In order to fulfill this objective, inherent to its founding law, the Institute has more than three thousand collaborators in centers throughout the country. We know that there were, there are, and there will be difficulties for this, and not all of them are “technological”, but I am convinced that without the contribution of updating and innovation, every future path will be littered with greater conflicts and risks.

Everything indicates that the great global conflict is today the creation of genuine employment within each national frontier, within the framework of a new globalization, governed by the efficiency in the value chains and the distribution of functionalities. Adding value and creating well-paid employment, must be converging paths. That is why all countries want to innovate to create this type of employment, as the most effective way to improve the quality of life standards of their respective populations. Social progress is not only related to consumption, but is measured by the quality of employment, investment and entrepreneurship.

The extreme competition between countries brings the inconveniences of having to be attentive to the real problems present and in a state of alert by the changes that are coming. These are times of uncertainty and threats. It is always better to know the causes beforehand, than to be surprised by their effects. Therefore the challenges of the hour must be attended with agility and always defending the national interest. New protectionist airs will make some exports more difficult and para-tariff barriers will be manifested with new arguments or technical requirements. The INTI authorities are already acting in this direction, expanding and strengthening the capacity to respond to these challenges.

Economic and social development has territorial roots, manifested in sectoral productive complexes with high innovative dynamics and creation of new companies; Some of these local ecosystems are integrated into global production, innovation and marketing chains. Others serve only the domestic, national, regional or local market. Its synergy is key to true territorial and social integration. All are important and must be supported by local, provincial and national interinstitutional agreements.

The deliberate construction of competitiveness is not just a national “issue.” It covers companies, large, medium and small, private and public institutions at the national, provincial and municipal levels, including those linked to the science and technology system; To universities; And the entire education system. That is to say, it is a problematic of society as a whole. Each one must fulfill its role: sustainable local development must feed back its own development, the national sphere must cooperate in building local capacities, we must all understand it and act accordingly.

INTI’s regional offices, in all provinces, in line with the INTI’s central leadership, play a prominent role in achieving the national goal of creating sustainable employment; Anticipating the future and presenting alternatives and proposals to, from one of the necessary planes, be able to attend, or at least mitigate, the existing problems. The INTI has a valuable track record in this regard, such as the “Program for Improvement of Regional Economies and Local Development”, financed by the European Union, which made available to minipymes and SMEs the technical means to meet the demands for improvements, Efficiency and quality of their products or services.

We understand that the productivity of the economy depends fundamentally on the incorporation of technology, improvements in the processes of business management, as well as on an efficient state administration, within the framework of a medium-consensus strategic course among all Argentines.

In this context and context, INTI – with the humble collaboration, within the scope of its competence, of the Saber Como Foundation – can be, with greater and greater effort, the central articulator of the processes of technological incorporation, and of the system Of training of the processes of business management, through its innumerable courses and seminars dictated throughout the year. It should also seek the recognition of entrepreneurs in which to dump the experience and the high scientific-techno level

Lic. Ricardo Auer